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Main Road Upgrade

Chand's newsletter about the main road upgrade or maybe better construction site. It holds a couple of typos when it comes to dates (June 2008 is unfortunately meant to be June 2009) but otherwise it contains some useful information.

Please click HERE to view it.

Maps of Kalk Bay

If you wish to find out where is Kalk Bay on the Cape Peninsula, please CLICK HERE.

For a map of Main Road and the Harbour, please CLICK HERE.

History of Kalk Bay
Of all the towns and villages in South Africa there must be very few, if any, who have a more interesting and fascinating history than Kalk Bay.  Its modern day history started when the Dutch East India Company proclaimed Simon's Bay a winter anchorage for their ships from May 15th to August 15th each year from 1742.
Kalk Bay - a summery

I would sum it up: Kalk Bay is simply wonderful!
Some call it a trendy and vibrant fishing village and others name it a suburb of Cape Town. It does not really matter, fact remains that Kalk Bay is worth a visit…

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